Want to Know Your Household Income Percentile Ranking?

Given the political and social dialog about the 1 percenters I thought it would be interesting to see how much household income it takes to be ranked in the top 1%. The New York Times has a nifty calculator to identify your percentile ranking once you enter your household income.

Here’s a summary of entries I made:

Household income and rankOf course, rankings change based on where you live. The New York Times site takes this into account and shows you not only your percentile rank in the U.S. but your percentile rank in different regions of the country. For example, if your household income is $75,000 the New York  Times site reports this graph:

Rank based on geographyYour $75,000 household ranks you in the the top 33% in the U.S. but if you live in Flint, Michigan you’re in the top 14%.

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  1. Terry Biesiadecki "THE CONSERVATIVE" says:

    All our Politicians are out of site with reality. GREAT JOB Dr. Morrison.

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