Ritholtz Warns Against Taking American Enterprise Institute Seriously

Barry Ritholtz, equities analyst, CEO of Fusion IQ and guest commentator on Bloomberg Television, calls out the American Enterprise Institute as more than a disingenuous organization:

The AEI has moved from intellectually bankrupt to utterly dishonest, and I assume anything I read from them, on any subject, are willful lies, misinformation and propaganda. As an asset manager, I cannot risk falling into an alternative universe that diverges form reality. That is the sand box AEI plays in. As such, I have been forced to SEQUESTER their nonsense, as their detachment from the real world is an expensive and potentially dangerous money loser for anyone who reads their foolishness. I mostly ignore their idiocy, and suggest you do the same.


Ritholtz, Barry. (2012). Labor Day, Income & The Middle Class. The Big Picture.

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